What property price can afford with $850k bank loan limit and $350k cash?

“What? Of course, the price I can afford is $1.2 million.” No, wrong answer. Even though your bank loan limit is $850,000 based on your Total Debt Serving Ratio (TDSR, which is 60%), you may not get such maximum amount when buying a certain property because of Loan To Value (LTV) limit, which is currently 75%. In addition, you need to pay lawyer fee, Buyer’s Stamp Duty (STD) and Addition

First Question for Property Investment: How Big Is Your Purse?

A few friends of mine recently approached me to buy their 2nd property for investment. Today, let’s talk about the 1st question you should answer for property investment: How big is your purse? Before starting to look for property unit, you must know how much money you can put on the table, especially, how much bank loan you are eligible to get from a local bank. Otherwise, if you just


SINGAPORE SHOPHOUSE In 1840s, shophouses first appeared in Singapore when Sir Stamford Raffles ordered to sub-divide the land into smaller regular lots. Shophouses are narrow, long terrace houses and have varied facades, therefore they create attractive street images. The shop-houses were normally built to be entirely a home, or a home upstairs with a shop downstairs. Styles of Shophouse When the pioneers reached Singapore, they bought land from East India

First Question You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A House

Before helping a client to buy a house, I usually ask them this question: Is this house for your own stay or for investment? The answer I got is usually it should be good for both. Of course, being good for both is the best result and it certainly is my ultimate aim for my clients. But the selection criteria for own-stay and for investment are not always the same.

NUS study shows different type residential properties depreciate at different paces

(Source: CNA) SINGAPORE: A group of researchers of NUS has just (Feb 13, 2019) released the result of their study on how residential property price depreciation relating to building age, said NUS. Other factors such as land tenure and size have also been adjusted in price changes. How they conducted the study The study was conducted by mapping age-related depreciation rates against transaction prices of resale properties. This was done using

Cash out your property without selling it via Home Equity Loan

What is home equity loan? Home equity loan, or called, property equity financing, is a lump sum loan you can secure from the banks by using your equity in your property as collateral. The property can be an executive condo after MOP, private condo, private landed property or commercial property, but not HDB.The amount of loan you can get from the bank depends on the value of your property at the

Which to invest, freehold or 99-year property ?

 What is freehold property? and 99-year property? Freehold and 99-year means the tenure of the land on which the property stands on. Freehold, in plain English, means the tenure of the land is unlimited. As for 999-year property, its value makes no difference from the freehold, so it is usually considered as freehold. As for the 99-year, when the developer purchases a piece of residential land from the government, the

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