Cash out your property without selling it via Home Equity Loan

What is home equity loan? Home equity loan, or called, property equity financing, is a lump sum loan you can secure from the banks by using your equity in your property as collateral. The property can be an executive condo after MOP, private condo, private landed property or commercial property, but not HDB.The amount of loan you can get from the bank depends on the value of your property at the

Why you fail TDSR and how to avoid

For some property buyers, they believe they are financially strong, but when the apply for home loan, they unexpectedly fail the TDSR test.Many people don’t aware that they may fail the TDSR test in a few ways: 1. You have bad credit.The main reason why loan applicants are rejected is due to bad credit.You know what it means. You have that bad habit of not paying your credit card bills on

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